About Us


Macaroni G's is a mobile catering unit cooking what we believe to be the best macaroni cheese on the planet. A a blend of three American, Italian and British cheeses ensures the perfect combination of gosh, wow, ohh, and - most importantly -  Mmm.


We have wheels, and we will travel! We're based in Kent, and so far we've been everywhere from food festivals to sports events, from weddings to baby showers and office do's. 

If you're interested in booking Macaroni G's for your event, just get in touch. 


A carefully honed sauce is glammed up with a variety of toppings. The menu is always evolving and we do take requests, but you'll always have a choice of tasty topping options. 

Some favourites are: crispy bacon with basil pesto, garlic and herb mushrooms, spring onion and chinese chilli oil, and Bury black pudding with chives.