Macaroni G's

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About Us

Why you want us.



It's a simple idea. Macaroni... and cheese. So what sets us apart?

Is it the skilful and considerate blend of three cheeses for maximum tang, gloop, mmm and mwah? Is it the bold, adventurous pairings of flavours throughout the menu? Is it the cheekily over-friendly to the point of sarcasm customer service? Perhaps it's the uber-sleeky design of the hoe set up that floats your boat?

WRONG! It's all of those things, put together in a competitively priced package. 

My god, I'm good at this.

Why you need us.


If it's a street food or festival vibe you want to bring to your big day, but you don't like the idea of chemical toilets, then a decent food vendor is a must have. We've been there, we've done it, I literally have the t-shirt. 

You can call it fun food, you can call it quirky, you can call me whatever you like once the cheque's cleared. 

We will make your party better.

Why you shouldn't not.


It's happened a few times. It's not our fault. Ok, it's our fault. 

There is a danger that if you book us for your big day, we'll be all your guests talk about at the end of the night.

"Did you see her evening dress?" 

"No, but wow that Hispano was incredible"

"I can't even remember the groom's name but in a few years I'll look back and still remember this maccy cheese"

We've heard all that and worse - BUT if you book us, for that night at least, you'll be legends.